19.08. w.SOPHE / Feminist Streikhaus / Zürich (CH) 

20.08. / w. SOPHE / Rolle, La Terrasse des Tilleuls (CH)

27.08. /w. Paul Brody / Potsdam

29.09. / SOPHE / Berlin Badehaus / EP RELE
ASE Concert

26.11./ SOPHE / Horns Erben / Leipzig 

photo by Nikolas Fabian Kammerer
photo by Nikolas Fabian Kammerer


time collapsed screenshots is improvised music between free jazz and progressive rock. In these different times of corona and war we musicians are permanently in search of meaning and peace in kind of a new speech.

time collapsed screenshots has no requirements in chords, lines or melodies. except in one song. the only requirement I made was related to time structure, texture and rough shapes in particular situations.

time collapsed screenshots should directly reflect the times of corona. It is a snapshot. It doesn't feel stable and comfortable. The music feels strong and loud but fragile at the same time. A rebellion against partially hopeless situations.



In 2021 I recorded a fully improvised album with Gellert Szabo and Rafael Espinoza. With the help of GVL Neustart Kultur it was possible to make a full Album out of it.


Sophia Bicking will release her first solo EP this year.  In july, august and september we will have some release concerts with the large band of the SOPHIE project

The first single of the SOPHE EP is out now. You can watch the video on youtube or listen to the music on spotify. Restore your groundings, recount your blessings.


Last year i had the honor  to be part of a wonderful project with the deaf female dancer Kassandra Wedel. This Project is a cooperation between Filmschule Babelsberg and my friend and composer Max van Dusen.


A cinematic attempt to interpret the meaning of music and sound through the mind of a deaf dancer.  “Vibrations - Inner Music” short Documentary online @filmfestival_maxophuelspreis till 26.1.22.

Protagonist: @kasscalldance Director: @cadenzazhao Director of Photography: @rigreif Producer: @the_annabannanna Music: @max_van_dusen
Editor: @ilya_gavrilenkov Sound: Enrique Cuesta Dramaturgy advisor: laramadeira

Musicians: Max van Dusen @max_van_dusen Katrin Mickiewicz Hans Otto @hansderotto Jan Kaiser @jannkaiser Ludwig Bormann @joeluep Raimund Engelhardt



new video of ASTHMA CHOIR video of the new album on which I had the honor to play the drums at a studio session in octobre 2020 


If you like my music and the stuff  that i do,  you can easily stay in contact with me. From time to time and every 3 months i will hopefully inform you about upcoming concerts, new videos and projects of mine. lets stay in touch....



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