live recorded online album of the small tour in march 2019 (released 2020) with Gwen Kyrgs 'kid the moon' / Malte Sieberns (keys), Gwen Kyrg (voc,fx), Hans Otto (dr) / recorded by Felix Raake + mixed by Georg Spieß

video of the project with Sophia Bicking from summer 2020

recording of the urban base session from febraury 2020 live at PANKE club Berlin, with Joel Holmes (keys), Roberto Manzin (sax), Carmelo Leotta (b), Hans Otto (drums) feat. Desney Baley (voc) + Davu Flint (voc)

live recorded album of my very own project with mostly self written music (released 2018) live at Jazzclub Telegraph Leipzig with OTTOMANN EMPIRE / Hans Otto (dr, voc), Fabian Hentschel (voc, git) , Paul Lapp (b), Johann Fritsche (piano) / live recording by Felix Raake + mixed by Stefan Weeke

recording of the 'häns with friends' concert in february  2019 with Christian Kögel (git), Michi Breitenbach (sax), Robert Lucaciu (b), Hans Otto (dr)

recording of a concert from 2016 live at DONAU 115 club Berlin, with Christian Kögel (git), Marc Muellbauer (b), Hans Otto (dr)